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I am Dyonisus. God of the Vine. The fruits of my labor (pun, fully intended) are quite enjoyable.

I have an impeccable taste for the juice of fermented fruits, yet am tainted in the area of love, but come on . . . being a ladies man is hard work especially when you've got these psycho Maenads following you eveyrwhere. Fangirls. -shudder-

Anyway, if anyone is looking for a few satyrs, come see me? I've got a few too many on my hands. Thanks, I'll owe you what? Three of my best? Yea. Good. Done.

Well, if you'll excuse me, it's time for Silenus' Yoga class.

[goodness people. he's just a pup in a mythology rp :p but you know you still wanna do him -wink-]